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Run Technique Analysis

Running Technique Analysis

Poor running technique can be a causing factor in many different types of injury and can also hold us back from running as fast as our potential allows us.

If you are a runner and would like to reduce injuries, run more efficiently and increase your speed then run gait analysis can help! No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, learning the correct technique will result in increased efficiency, lowered risk of injury and increased speed.

What Is a Run Analysis?

Having a run analysis will provide an athlete with a unique, personal movement "map." That "map" reveals the programming of everything happening within your body—from kinestetic awareness and habit, to individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength

If your movements include compensations (and they likely do), gait analysis can pinpoint the areas in the body where these losses of efficiency originate. Athletes get into trouble when major compensation, which often leads to true dysfunction, continues for extended periods of time. Compensations in the body lead to imbalance around the joints.

Unless the underlying causes of your dysfunctional movement patterns are addressed, your patterns won't change, and, thus, the risk of injury won't improve. Gait analysis is about looking at your entire body as a single unit.

How can Running Analysis help you?

  • Help to identify any asymmetrics and biomechanical faults that maybe pre-disposing you to injury
  • Receive advice and an exercise plan to work on those areas and minimize injury risk
  • Learn how to run more efficiently, extending the period before muscles fatigue kicks in and enabling you to run faster.
  • This service can also help in rehabilitation from certain types of injury by identifying the causing factor and target those areas to help prevent the injury.

What will the 1 hour session include?

  • Time on treadmil running
  • flexilibity testing
  • Video run analylsis
  • Technique correction and pointers
  • Short video and summery emailed post sessions